RAPRA launch new website

The Rubber & Plastics Research Association (RAPRA) have launched a brand new website, following their historic acquisition by Made in the Midlands.

The innovative new website will now provide RAPRA members their own bespoke microsite and instantaneous access to the Polymer Helpdesk from the home page. The microsite feature will provide users with a detailed profile of each member to showcase their services and capabilities.

RAPRA CEO, Jason Pitt explained: "The old RAPRA website was typical of many industry association websites, it was a bit dated and members couldn't really do much other than check contact details and basic downloading of research documents , by using the 'made in' platform we was able to create a new web application with years worth of R&D within 2 months."

RAPRA members will now be able to publish their own news articles directly to their microsite. This will ensure that users remain informed about the important news from the members.

Furthermore, users will be able to easily access information regarding the support that RAPRA offers to their members. This includes support with failure analysis, materials analysis, mechanical testing, analytical chemistry, environmental testing, quality assurance and training. Each sub-category will include the full details of the services available via RAPRA’s extensive network of technical support.

Pitt added: “This investment in RAPRA really does put it on the cutting edge of industry associations, there are few trade bodies that have done what we have done with technology

The website is available to view across all platforms including desktop, mobile and tablet. In turn, users will gain the best possible experience across any platform they choose to access the website.

Users will be able to submit a written form of enquiry to the Polymer Helpdesk to ensure that RAPRA can quickly respond with access to the correct technical support. The new website has a dedicated category to the industries that RAPRA support. This category will provide users with a quick answer as to whether RAPRA can support their query and alternative avenues that RAPRA can support during project development.

RAPRA ultimately aims to help companies reduce risk while saving time, effort and money by accessing only the best independent and impartial technical support and stay ahead of the competition by being informed of the latest technology advances. They can also commercialise technology effectively with help to access the resources needed.

You can visit RAPRA’s new website at the link available here: http://www.rapra.org